Új EK COBRA SEIGE számszeríj Nagyobb

EK COBRA SEIGE számszeríj



Model: SIEGE
Power stroke: 8.25 "
Libra: 150 #
Speed: 300 fps
Net weight: 1995g
Length: 83cm-92.7cm
Width: Upload-17.4cm, discharge-26.6cm


  • 3 15 "carbon darts
  • Professional optics
  • Adjustable stock
  • Transport strap
  • Front grip
  • Rail lubricant
  • Quick release quiver
  • Bipod

Bővebb leírás

Bruttó: 240 000 Ft‎

A feltüntetett árak bruttó árak, az ÁFÁ-t tartalmazzák!
A deviza árfolyamok miatti árváltoztatás jogát fenntartjuk.

Egyéb infó

With the new Siege, EK ARCHERY combines the ingenious cocking mechanism of the Cobra System crossbows with a compound system.
From a relatively low tensile weight of 150 lbs, the EK ARCHERY Siege compound system achieves speeds of up to 300 fps (around 329 km / h). The crossbow is equipped with an empty shooting safety device that protects it from damage.
In addition to the design and power, the materials used are also excellent: the crossbow is in high-strength polymer, the rail and the cocking lever are in metal and the bow is in pressed fiberglass. The top rail has a built-in rear sight and front sight and can be used as a mount for a scope. On the front side, additional Picatinny rails are mounted, as well as for mounting a tactical front handle on the cocking lever. The stock is designed in the AR-15 tactical style and can be optimally adapted to the shooter.
The kit includes everything that allows you to make the most of the EK ARCHERY Siege: in addition to three darts (15.5 inches), a Red Dot sight (illuminated in red / blue), a shoulder strap, a tactical front grip, as well as string wax and goggles, a bipod and quick release quiver are also included.

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A feltüntetett árak bruttó árak, az ÁFÁ-t tartalmazzák!